Garage Door Insulation

Other forms of insulation include polystyrene panels that are even easier to mount on the door than the reflective foil insulation. Garage door insulation can be installed by professional installers for a minimal charge, but it is not difficult to mount the insulation yourself. In most cases, the kits require only a tape measure, straight edge, and a utility knife. Many kits even include the knife.

Energy conservation has become an environmental concern in addition to making sound financial sense. The garage is a major source of energy loss especially via the door. With a simple installation procedure and a garage door insulation kit, this problem is easily solved. The insulated garage can then become a work shop as well as a vehicle parking spot.

Most insulation kits are designed for standard sized garage doors. These are usually 9 feet wide by 7 feet high for single doors and 16 feet wide by 7 foot wide for double doors. Although these are the standard sizes, it is possible to get kits ready made for more unusual sizes as well. If the door is a unique size and a kit is not available to match it, the reflective foil type insulation comes in bulk rolls that can be easily cut to size.


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