Garage Door Insulation

The garage is usually the largest non-insulated area of the home and this makes the it a prime candidate for insulation. Taking this step can save you big bucks on your utility bill.

The garage is often the single largest non-insulated space in a home. When the garage shares a common wall with the main structure, this could result in serious energy loss through the garage. Insulation is a way of saving energy by preventing its loss through the garage door. Garage door insulation kits are available that make this a simple process and a rather inexpensive one compared to the potential cost of the lost energy. There is often reason beyond energy drain to keep the garage cool or warm.

Many people use the garage area for other purposes such as a work area. When the garage is being used in this manner, the insulation is almost mandatory to maintain comfort in the work area. Garage door insulation comes in a couple of different types. Reflective foil insulation usually consists of two layers of heavy duty polyethylene foam between sheets of aluminum foil. The normal thickness of this foil is 5/16th of an inch.


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